About the Editors

In the beginning our volunteer committee of six plus one spanned the breadth of Canada. We grandmothers, soon-to-be grandmothers, and grand-others met face-to-face as a complete group only once, but the ideas we shared and the work we created together formed a beautifully firm foundation for this final version we so hope you enjoy. We are forever grateful to Diana Mitchell, Mary Odger, Andrew Rooney, Brenda Rooney, and Liz Rose.

This book would not be what it is without grandmothers and grand-others across Canada and Africa. They understood immediately that although a cookbook may seem an unlikely way to bridge the great continental divide between surplus and scarcity, food still plays as central a role in the lives of families in Africa as in Canada. Furthermore, in every culture grandmothers and their grandchildren share a unique bond often nurtured by the warmth and comfort of food. Favourite recipes carry traditions and memories of cultural heritage, families, and intimate personal moments. They understood also the sad reality that for too many African grandmothers some of the most personal moments involve illness, death, and worry about whether they have enough food to quell their grandchildren’s hunger.

We thank them all for their recipes, their precious time to taste and test, their photographs, their ideas, their excitement at what we were creating, and their unfaltering encouragement.

And at the end, there were three:

Sue Griggs is an educator, an Organizational Consultant, a certified Coach and a Psychotherapist with many years of experience designing and leading groups in a variety of different settings. She has completed the Conscious Aging Facilitator course and has been discussing issues around loss and change with a number of people over the last year. She specializes in creating an inviting space for participants to share and explore challenging issues around aging and dying. She is currently examining what these issues mean to her in how she lives her life right now. This exploration continues to be both challenging and exciting and she invites you to join the journey.

Angie Rojas is an artist, graphic designer and a certified usability analyst who has been working for fortune 500 and non-for profit organizations as a usability consultant. She has a unique skill of combining design, information architecture and project management to lead clients and projects. She is a problem solver and thrives to improve the online experience for all users by continuously learning new and innovative designs and technology.

Linda Mitz Sadiq is a certified professional coach, organization development consultant, and Gestalt psychotherapist. She has worked with senior executives and their leadership teams in Canada, the United States, Estonia, Lithuania, the Republic of Georgia, Egypt and Belize. Linda is a passionate supporter of those eager to transform their visions into purposeful action and understands that, despite our best efforts and intentions, we are often the greatest obstacles to our own success. Her current clients are other coaches and leaders seeking to find a greater sense of purpose at this stage in their lives. Linda is an insightful and skilled guide, uniquely able to create and hold safe space for deep reflection and conversation.